Which Sauce is Right For You?

So, you’ve been to Gogibop and found it delicious! The only thing you’re wondering is whether you’ve picked the right sauce for your bowl…right? Check out the descriptions below and come prepared to pick the right sauce for you next time you get a Gogi bowl!


If you’ve had a Gogi Bowl before, you know that the base of the bowl starts with rice or lettuce. Next you add all of your favorite fresh veggies and toppings and your choice of protein. The final step of the Gogi Bowl building process is what really brings out all of the fresh flavors; our signature Gogibop sauces! We have a variety of sauces that will leave your taste buds wanting more!


Sweet Soy

Sweet Soy: Like sweeter teriyaki

If you’re a fan of our teriyaki sauce but want something with a little lighter zing, this is the sauce for you! It adds a sweetness to the bowl that compliments any one of our protein choices.


Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon: teriyaki, sweet & spicy, caramel, glaze, lighter

What is a secret weapon if not the element brought in to get the job done right. This sauce is a light, caramelized tart and sweet addition. The veggies in your bowl love to be paired alongside it!


OG Kalbi

OG Kalbi: spicy

For all of you who love your spice to be so intense that it’s measured out just below a 2nd degree burn, drizzle a little of OG Kalbi on your bowl!


Garlic Serrano

Garlic Serrano: soy sauce, spicy, tangy, garlic-y, slow burn

A subtle punch, like one you saw coming for miles but did nothing to stop. Our Garlic Serrano is for the savory fiends!



Classic teriyaki. A sauce that feels as if soy and honey were perfectly blended.


Yum Yum

Yum Yum: mayo, creamy, fresh, includes dairy

Yum Yum Sauce is a crowd favorite. Arguably chickens favorite companion. You’ll love this if you just need an extra umph of creaminess to hold your bowl together.


Spicy Mayo

Spicy Mayo: creamy, spicy

Similar to Yum Yum, but without having its attitude checked. Spicy Mayo is a simple sauce for those working their way up the spicy ladder.



Sriracha is the sauce you call in when you need your senses and mind cleared right up. A reset button, if you will. Add this when you want a Zing with a capital Z.